Brows are our Specialty

Initial Brow Design and Mapping

 At Skin Care by Bobbi, your brows will be more than just “waxed” or “shaped.”  We specialize in Brow Design! At the initial appointment, we will explain about hair growth cycles and natural eyebrow growth patterns. Your brows will be professionally mapped out and you will be given a brow plan for shape and placement. We specialize in natural brows and will help you achieve your brow goals. We only use exceptional wax that melts at a low temperature and is of the highest quality — all-natural, antibacterial, and biodegradable.

Your first appointment will include:

  • before/after photos
  • brow mapping & placement design
  • brow shaping and design with natural wax
  • tweezing and/or trimming
  • tint and/or brow pencil to fill, if needed
  • highlight

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